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Category: Wildlife of Argentina

The fauna & flora of Argentina’s million square miles. All photos taken during the tailor-made trips of MacDermott’s Argentina.

The South American Sea Lion

As we clambered up the rocks, a beach with a small colony of sunbathing sea lions appeared ahead of us. The heads of the sea lions spun round in unison as they heard our approach and by the time we had climbed down off the rocks and waded through the sea to a little cove, most of them […]

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The fairylike Vicuna

The impossibly delicate waif-like bodies of the Vicuna are a stark contrast to the harsh barren lands of their home, the Andean steppes that stretch from northwest Argentina to Colombia. At first sight, you can confuse their delicate shapes drifting across the landscape with the heat shimmering off the hot ground. It is easy see […]

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Killer whales, Peninsula Valdes

Killer Whale

The Killer Whales of Argentina can be seen from late February to late April. However, in March photographers and filmmakers are attracted from all over the world to see them hunt along the coast of the Peninsula Valdes. March being the time when the sea lion and seal pups are still young and naive enough to […]

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Commerson's Dolphin

Commerson’s Dolphin

Argentina is fortunate to have several species of Dolphins that live along or pass by its shores each year though by far the most eye-catching is Commerson’s Dolphin, known locally as Toninas, that live around the southern tip of Patagonia. Only growing up to 1.5 m they are one of the world’s smallest dolphins and […]

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The Andean Condor

A sighting of a Condor, on any trip with any group, stops everyone dead. The Incas used the Condor as the symbol of the upper world or the spiritual plane and it is easy to see why, there is something inherently mystical about the way they seem to effortlessly glide through sky. Whenever one is […]

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The Southern Right Whale

The Southern Right whale is one of the Great whales or Baleen whales. They can weigh up to 60 tons (54,431 kg), grow to as long as 55 feet (15.5 m) and live to over fifty years old. Due to their thick layer of blubber they cannot cross the tropics so they migrate back and […]

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The Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), named for where it was first documented in the Paraná basin and its salmon like body (though it is not actually of the salmon family), is a river fish that lives around the middle of South America including much of the north of Argentina. Though they have a beautiful golden […]

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