The Ibera Wetlands cover an area the size of Belgium, they are a mixture of marshlands, lagoons and savannah grasslands. The region boasts a wide variety of wildlife, including: otters, howler monkeys, marsh deer, wolves, alligators, capybaras (like giant hamsters) and around 350 species of birds.

When to travel

October & November or March & April
Fishing season: September to April

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 1.30 hrs
By land: 12 hrs


Buena Vista



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More on the Ibera Wetlands

The Ibera Wetlands

Herding Cattle through the Wetlands

The second largest wetlands in the world, the Ibera wetlands are a very important freshwater reservoir of lagoons, stagnant lakes and swamps with fascinating gaucho and Guaraní culture.

The Ibera Wetlands

A Cayman sitting pretty

The wetlands have a great diversity of species like the Golden Dorado, famous amongst anglers as the most challenging of freshwater quarries. Primates, caymans, anacondas, capybaras, deer and wolves also inhabit this huge expanse of natural habitat. The Ibera Wetlands are most famous for their excellent bird watching.

The Ibera Wetlands

A Kingfisher

Wildlife is a very import part of the Ibera Wetlands; whether kayaking among families of capybaras, fishing for dorado from a boat, or galloping on horseback through the shallows among flocks of exotic bird species there are many ways to enjoy this beautiful area.