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MacDermott’s Argentina organises tailor-made trips to Argentina.

We offer one country and it is where we live. There are very few who can match our knowledge of Argentina and we personally accompany our guests on many of our trips. By continually travelling round Argentina we have been able to build strong personal relationships with our providers, guarantee we maintain our high standards and always have our finger on the pulse for new and exciting accommodations and activities.

Working with a very wide, and continually growing, range of providers also means, whatever your budget, we can stretch your money to get you the best trip possible.


“Lying in a thermal spring at midnight, under some of the clearest stars in the world, after a lamb asado and a day in the saddle mustering cattle in spectacular scenery, is a truly unbeatable and highly recommended experience.”           Davina & Jeremy Instone
“Hugh MacDermott set up and managed a demanding historical ride I did in March 2014. It entailed crossing the Argentine/ Chile border twice and four sets of different horses/mules and gauchos. It was complex and demanding expedition and despite some bad weather Hugh MacDermott ran a good show showing leadership and expertise. He is an accomplished horseman and had a very good relationship with the myriad of gauchos on whom we depended. Hugh is great fun and runs a good set up. I recommend him to anyone wanting something special.”         General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter