The world’s middle seat front row for marine fauna observation, the peninsula is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise with innumerable animals of a multitude of species passing by its shores each year – including over a thousand Right Whales.

When to travel

Penguins, Sea Lions, Elephant Seals: All year round
Right whales: August to October
Dolphins: January to March
Killer whales: March to September (March is the best time to see them hunt)

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 2 hrs
By land: 20 hrs





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 More on the Whales of Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes

Riding the Dunes

The Atlantic coast of Argentina consists of coastal plateau featuring cliff-backed sandy and rocky beaches. Quite distant from the tropical ideals painted in the media with Latin American coastline, Argentina’s Atlantic coast is more similar to Europe’s than to the Brazilian or Caribbean beaches.

Peninsula Valdes

A Curious Whale

The huge Southern Right Whales swim within a few metres of the shore and elephant seals and sea lions, penguins and birds of all kinds gather in multitudes on the rocks and beaches. Guanacos, armadillos, Darwin’s rhea and grey foxes are found inland.

Peninsula Valdes

Getting up close and personal with some Sea Lions

Activities are geared around the wildlife that inhabits the area. By kayaking, sailing, snorkelling or boat trips you can get to know the marine life up close or by hiking the dunes and shoreline of the peninsula amongst the vast groups of animals.