Known as where the world ends and home to some of Argentina’s wildest countryside. On its windswept coast you’ll see colonies of king penguins and sea lions along with the mythical Albatross soaring in from the Atlantic. Inland there are herds of wild horses, cattle, llamas and the emperor of the South American sky, the Condor.

When to travel

November to March
Skiing season: June to September
Fishing season: November to March

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 3.30 hrs
By land: 45 hrs


Las Hijas



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Tierra del Fuego and Antartica

The City of Ushauaia

Where the end of the Andes mountain system tapers to meet Cape Horn, the southern tip of Argentina presents an opportunity to travel to the end of the world. The climate is windy and cold, but there is a wealth of beauty and experiences to be enjoyed. From the port city of Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the world, trips depart to visit the continent of Antarctica and its stunning wildlife and landscapes.

Tierra del Fuego and Antartica

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Tierra del Fuego presents an opportunity to see much Antarctic wildlife without having to make the crossing to the Antarctic continent itself. On and around the beaches of Tierra del Fuego leopard seals, elephant seals, albatrosses, sei whales, Rockhopper penguins and king penguins can all be found.

Tierra del Fuego and Antartica

A Monster Tierra del Fuego Sea Trout

Get your passport stamped in the world’s most southerly city and experience the some of the wildest landscapes found on the planet. The rivers of Tierra del Fuego are home to the best sea trout fishing in the world and the surrounding hills to spectacular hiking and adventure sports.

Tierra del Fuego and Antartica

Exploring Antarctica

Or take a cruise to the extreme south of the planet and be one of the few people in the world to have set foot upon the Antarctic continent.