Cordoba is the central province of Argentina and the centre of Gaucho culture. It is famous for its mild climate, rolling hills and the good nature of its people. Its geographical position has given it a front row seat in the history of the country, enabling it to become one of Argentina’s most prominent provinces and host to some of the most spectacular Estancias.

When to travel

October to April

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 1 hr
By land: 11 hrs


La Constancia



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More on the Sierras of Cordoba

The Cordoba Sierras

Above the Clouds

Older than the Andes, the sierras of Cordoba used to be where the Pacific Ocean met Gondwanaland. Today they form the highlands in the centre of the continent with the tallest peak, Cerro Champaqui, at an impressive 2790 metres tall with commanding views over the surrounding hills and plains.

The Cordoba Sierras

Taking a Dip in a Mountain Waterfall

The venerable rocks of Cordoba’s Sierras are juxtaposed with the younger, jagged Andes to the west. Cordoba’s hills have been eroded smooth over time to create stunning landscapes and excellent horse riding territory populated by condors and eagles among over 100 other species of birds, along with foxes, llamas, pumas, and lizards.

The Cordoba Sierras

Patiently Waiting

From its important ranching history Cordoba has a strong gaucho culture. The sierras are now also a popular tourist area with many different activities and the area also hosts the biggest folklore festival in Argentina, at Cosquin.