The Glaciers National Park is set amongst the immense Patagonian Andes. Here weaving your way through the crystalline lakes and deciduous forests the racket of the modern world becomes a distant memory. The park is home to some fantastic wildlife such as Puma, Guanaco (mini-llama), armadillo, south Andean deer and over 100 species of birds including flamingo, black-necked swans and peregrine falcons.

When to travel

November to April
Fishing season: November to April

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 3 hrs
By land: 42 hrs


Nibepo Aike



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More on the Glaciers National Park

The Glaciers National Park

Checking the Route

The most extreme and staggering of territories in Argentina forged of colossally tall mountain peaks guarding glacial blue lakes fed by the rupturing might of the glaciers that carved this very landscape.

The Glaciers National Park

A Refuge

Truly in the wilds of Patagonia and far from any civilisation, the only sounds are that of the austral winds punctuated by the calls of condors.

The Glaciers National Park

The Gargantuan Leading Edge of the Perito Moreno Glacier

What is not often illustrated in travel guides is the sheer size of the glaciers where chunks of ice the size of apartment buildings crash into the lake below.