The Lake District of Patagonia lies across the provinces of Neuquén and Rio Negro. It makes up the most fertile end of the Argentine Patagonia. A magnificent wilderness, where crystalline rivers and lakes weave from snow-capped mountains to forest-coated hills.

When to travel

November to March
Fishing season: November to March
Skiing season: June to October

Time from Buenos Aires

By air: 2 hrs
By land: 21 hrs


Ñorquin El Morado



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The Lake District of Patagoinia

A Beautiful Part of the World

The Seven Lakes is a large region with varied landscapes. The cattle ranches of the eastern stepped plains give way westwards to alpine-like peaks, grand lakes, beech and conifer forests aside wildflower meadows in the Andes, becoming increasingly arid to the north with ochre canyons and exotic plant species.

The Lake District of Patagoinia

There are many outdoor activities to be found

Many immigrants from the alpine regions of Europe chose to settle in this area due to its similarities to life in the Alps. There is a wealth of German and Swiss influence to the food and culture seen in the chocolate makers and brewers of the area, along with the many activities in the area such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding, fishing, paragliding, fly fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting and sailing.