The whale watching in Argentina is considered to be some of the best in the world with a variety of species, including over a thousand Southern Right Whales, passing its shores each year.

Ideal time

Right whales: August to October
Killer whales: September to April (March is the best time to see them hunt)
Dolphins: January to March

Where in Argentina

The Whales of Peninsula Valdes | Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica


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More on Whale Watching in Argentina

whale watching in argentina

A Southern Right Whale checking out a tourist boat

Argentina hosts one of the most immersive whale watching experiences on the planet on its Atlantic coast. Southern Right whales gather here in large numbers and are easily seen from the shore or from a boat.

whale watching in argentina

A Commerson’s Dolphin, endemic to Argentine waters

Expect to see Southern Right whales, Orcas, Commerson’s dolphins, Peale’s dolphins and Dusky dolphins in the waters, and along the coast sea lions, penguins and many species of birds.

whale watching in argentina

Orcas Breaching an Argentine Beach for Sea lion meat

Southern right whales are the main attraction but in addition the Orcas of the peninsula are world famous for the hunting technique they use to catch sea lion and seal pups (they beach themselves temporarily in order to catch their prey).

whale watching in argentina

The Whale’s Proximity to Shore

Weighing as much as 60 tons, as much as 40 elephants, the Southern Right whales show much surface activity, rolling and rising through the surface water and are one of the most playful of whale species interacting closely with human vessels and have even been known to swim right up to the dockside.