The skiing in Argentina is second to none in South America with options for skiers of all levels and ages.

Ideal time to travel

June to October

Where in Argentina

The Vineyards of Mendoza | The Patagonian Lake District | Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica

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Skiing in Argentina

Skiing in Argentina

There are many ski resorts nestled among the Argentine Andes, with three major ski regions: the ski resorts near Mendoza; Patagonia and its Lake District; and Ushuaia at the extreme south of Argentina.

Skiing in Argentina

The high altitude peaks of Las Leñas

Las Leñas, near Mendoza, is renowned for its steep, bare terrain and incredible, black chutes and runs, as well as being the highest ski field in Argentina reaching altitudes of nearly 3,340 metres (11,253ft) with a base elevation of 2,240m (7,394ft). Many families and beginners crowd the lower slopes but it is a Mecca for extreme skiers and snowboarders on the upper slopes with has easy backcountry access as well as cat skiing and heli-skiing tours. The annual snowfall at Las Leñas is around 6 metres (250 inches) and the powder is good. The town has a good nightlife scene and bars stay open long into the night, meaning less volume of traffic on the slopes in the early mornings and less queuing.

Skiing in Argentina

The Mountains and Lakes of Northern Patagonia

In Patagonia the climate is much cooler than near Mendoza and the ski resorts are generally at lower altitudes of about 2,000 metres (6,500 feet), which can help to avoid altitude sickness. The main ski fields are: Cerro Chapelco, a modern and moderately sized ski resort with some good lifts and tree skiing located near the town of San Martin de los Andes. Cerro Bayo, an upscale, boutique ski resort near Villa La Angostura. Cerro Catedral, a large, modern and bustling ski resort only 20km (12 miles) from Bariloche. At the other end of the spectrum is the wee little Perito Moreno ski area near El Bolson, a hippie town south of Bariloche.

Skiing in Argentina

On the edge upon Cerro Castor

At the end of the world far down in the south of the country at parallel 54 degrees is Cerro Castor. This southern ski resort is located near Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego. The base of the ski resort sits at only 195 metres above sea level.