Helped by a strong siesta culture there is a vibrant nightlife in Argentina and the country has one of the most eclectic musical traditions in South America.

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Night life in Argentina

Busy Buenos Aires at Night

Buenos Aires is known as the Furious City to its inhabitants and in Argentina, like most Hispanic countries, the nightlife starts late and goes on until much later.

Quite where the inhabitants of Buenos Aires find the time to sleep has been up for debate for some time.

Night life in Argentina

Buenos Aires has a wealth of night clubs

Dinner in the city is between 8pm–1am, depending on your trajectory. The bars are open until 4am and the nightclubs open at 1am, but only really get going after 2am and will tend to stay open until well after the sun rises.

Night life in Argentina

There are many events all year round

Buenos Aires has some of the best nightlife, clubs and events on the continent and is a renowned destination in the music world.

Night life in Argentina

Avenida Corrientes, the Theatre District of Buenos Aires

Alternate nights out include a multitude of tango venues, jazz, folk music in the peñas, theatre, all-night bookshops and record stores, and ice cream parlours open until late.

In other towns and cities in Argentina the nightlife can be similarly late.

Night life in Argentina

A Cumbia Performance

The music in many bars and nightclubs outside of Buenos Aires do not play that much international music, only the local cumbia and reggaeton.