The gauchos in Argentina are an inseparable part of the culture. In art and literature the romanticised wild character of the original gaucho is often used to represent the free spirit of the country and the annual fiesta of every town across Argentina will invariably include rodeo riding and lassoing competitions along with a parade of the local gauchos.

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All year round

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Salta & the Northwest | The Iguazú Waterfalls | The Iberá Wetlands | The Sierras of Cordóba | The Vineyards of Mendoza | Buenos Aires & the Pampas | The Patagonian Lake District | The Whales of Peninsula Valdes | The Glaciers National Park | Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica


Ride in the sierras of Cordoba | Ride over the Andes | Cattle drive in the Patagonian Lake District | The Hidden Glaciers Ride | Ride in Argentina’s Galapagos | Ride through the wetlands

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Gauchos in Argentina

Gaucho with Boina and Poncho

Gauchos were integral in the Argentina’s independence from Spain. Today they instill a nationalistic and even religious feeling from people across the country.

Gauchos in Argentina

Grilling meat over the fire

They have always survived almost entirely on beef and roast vegetables. They instated the grilling culture in Argentine life and are experts at cooking over fire while wearing traditional dress with differing features and colours unique to each region until their home estancia.

Gauchos in Argentina

At the Jinteada

One popular genre of the folk music of the gauchos is called Chamamé. Influenced by Spanish flamenco and German polka music the genre has a big following in Argentina played in many informal get-togethers and with many important festivals held around the country.