Whether you are looking to just add a day or base your entire holiday around the sport the vast range of different fish and habitats makes fishing in Argentina one of the world’s top choices for anglers – beginners and professionals alike.

Ideal time to travel

All year round

Patagonia fishing season: November to April

Where in Argentina

Salta & the Northwest | The Iguazú Waterfalls | The Iberá Wetlands | The Sierras of Cordóba | The Vineyards of Mendoza | Buenos Aires & the Pampas | The Patagonian Lake District | The Whales of Peninsula Valdes | The Glaciers National Park | Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica

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Fishing in Argentina

Crystal Waters

Argentina fly-fishing is most famous for the large sea-run brown trout of Tierra del Fuego, the pristine rainbow trout of northern Patagonia, and the fierce golden dorado of Argentina’s northernmost territories.

Fishing in Argentina

Casting for big Sea Trout in the wilds of Tierra de Fuego

Tierra del Fuego hosts the leviathan sea trout that average over 10 pounds and commonly exceed 15 pounds. These powerful fish are tackled with double-handed Spey rods in the Patagonian tundra of the south.

Fishing in Argentina

The stunning scenery in Northern Patagonia

In northern Patagonia amidst the Andes there are many exquisite rivers full of pristine rainbow trout all taking natural patterns. The rivers vary in size, as do the fish, all among some of the most incredible scenery in world.

Fishing in Argentina

The beautiful Golden Dorado

Fly-fishing for golden dorado is a burgeoning sport in the north of Argentina. These huge and powerful predators offer the best pound for pound challenges on the end of a flyline and are fished with wire trace due to their sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

The distances travelled to reach the fishing are very large so several days are needed in order to enjoy any one location.