This country is a playground for the adrenaline junkies among us and there are a wide range of get-your-blood up adventure sports in Argentina. Between the Andean mountains in the west and the Atlantic coastline in the east Argentina boasts the topography, geography and adrenaline to host the best and most varied extreme adventure sports in the world.

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Where in Argentina

Salta & the Northwest | The Iguazú Waterfalls | The Sierras of Cordóba | The Vineyards of Mendoza | The Patagonian Lake District | Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica

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adventure sports in argentina

Paragliding in Cordoba

Adventure sports are synonymous with extreme terrains, of which Argentina has in abundance. Every type of adventure sports can be found in across the country from sailing and kite surfing in the Rio de la Plata, paragliding and sand boarding along the Atlantic coast, to mountain climbing and white water rafting in the Andes.

Adventure Sports in Argentina

Kayaking in Peninsula Valdes

Argentina’s exceptional abundance of extreme and adventure activities is all down to its vast variations of geography, climate and topography. Whatever your adrenaline addiction may be, the adventurous and wild of Argentina will be seeking their thrills somewhere, waiting for you to come and join them.