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Tags: The Iguazu waterfalls

Flying through the canopy

Iguazu Jungle Zip-line

The Iguazu waterfalls are one of nature’s wonders and exploring the two semi-tropical wildlife reserves in which they lie, either in a boat or by foot, easily stands alone as one of the most spectacular things you can do, not just in Argentina but in the entire world. However, even natural wonders can do with […]

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Polo in Patagonia

Polo in the provinces

The centre of Argentine Polo is very much Buenos Aires province, in particular Pilar, and for those looking to improve their game or take themselves from having no idea to being competent, Buenos Aires is the only choice. However, though in reality Polo is not much more accessible in Argentina than it is anywhere else in the […]

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The Mocona Waterfall

The Mocona Waterfall is an oddity in the waterfall world. Where most waterfalls run perpendicular to a river Mocona runs parallel. This is due to a narrow underwater canyon running along the bottom of the Uruguay river. The falls may be a little cousin of Iguazu but at 2,000 meters wide they are a long […]

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The Jesuit Missions

The Jesuits had missions all across South America though the most famous, thanks to Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro, are close to the Iguazu falls in the northeast of Argentina, Misiones province. Though the Jesuit missions and missionaries are a controversial topic, wandering around the ruins you cannot help but marvel at what the Jesuits achieved. […]

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