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Polo in Patagonia

Polo in the provinces

The centre of Argentine Polo is very much Buenos Aires province, in particular Pilar, and for those looking to improve their game or take themselves from having no idea to being competent, Buenos Aires is the only choice. However, though in reality Polo is not much more accessible in Argentina than it is anywhere else in the […]

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The Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), named for where it was first documented in the Paraná basin and its salmon like body (though it is not actually of the salmon family), is a river fish that lives around the middle of South America including much of the north of Argentina. Though they have a beautiful golden […]

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A lot of Argentine folk music is about a gaucho sitting alone on the Pampas lamenting the loss of his woman / job / horse or all of the above, Chamamé – in general – is the exception. It is a really jolly, fast paced music; danced in pairs, very close together – literally, cheek […]

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