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San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo

San Telmo is famous for its cafes, art galleries, antique shops and people dancing Tango on its cobbled streets. It is also the oldest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires and has a fascinating history.  Originally it was an industrial neighborhood whose mainly African workers lived on site. Basic services were then added, followed swiftly by the […]

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Holiday in argentina

Tango lessons in Buenos Aires

George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote ‘dance is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire’ never rang so true as with Tango, though you might not find yourself dancing the ‘three-minute love affair’ on your first lesson. Even Tango’s basic steps, often described as walking, are deceptively tricky. Nevertheless, anyone with even a passing interest in […]

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Las Milongas of Buenos Aires

Tango is far from just some bit of cultural heritage that Argentines drag out for tourists or when they’re feeling nostalgic. It is a huge part of many Porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) lives and there are innumerable Milongas – essentially anywhere people meet to dance Tango – in the city. To see a professionally […]

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Tango show, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Tango Shows

Being the birthplace of Tango the dance has become one of Buenos Aires’ main attractions and for first timers in the city Tango shows are definitely a must. There are a huge range from shows that wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas to intimate shows in ancient cafes, there are risque shows to […]

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