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Tags: Salta & the northwest

The fairylike Vicuna

The impossibly delicate waif-like bodies of the Vicuna are a stark contrast to the harsh barren lands of their home, the Andean steppes that stretch from northwest Argentina to Colombia. At first sight, you can confuse their delicate shapes drifting across the landscape with the heat shimmering off the hot ground. It is easy see […]

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Polo in Patagonia

Polo in the provinces

The centre of Argentine Polo is very much Buenos Aires province, in particular Pilar, and for those looking to improve their game or take themselves from having no idea to being competent, Buenos Aires is the only choice. However, though in reality Polo is not much more accessible in Argentina than it is anywhere else in the […]

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The Andean Condor

A sighting of a Condor, on any trip with any group, stops everyone dead. The Incas used the Condor as the symbol of the upper world or the spiritual plane and it is easy to see why, there is something inherently mystical about the way they seem to effortlessly glide through sky. Whenever one is […]

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Holiday in Argentina

Cafayate & the Calchaquí valleys

The Calchaquí valleys stretch up along the foothills of the Andes in the northwest of Argentina and Cafayate, situated roughly half way up, is their best known town. The valleys are home to a variety of habitats that change dramatically as you travel along the quiet, dusty roads. In just a few days you’ll pass […]

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The Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), named for where it was first documented in the Paraná basin and its salmon like body (though it is not actually of the salmon family), is a river fish that lives around the middle of South America including much of the north of Argentina. Though they have a beautiful golden […]

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The Cloud Train

I imagine Richard Maury, the American engineer who built the Cloud Train,  must have taken a very deep breath when he first looked up at the route that snakes into the mountains. The finished result climbs to 4,220 mts (13,841 ft) and traverses: 29 bridges, 13 viaducts,  21 tunnels, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags. It […]

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MAAM: Museum of high altitude archeology

The Incas were partial to sacrificing people on the top of very high or pyramid shaped mountains. Llullaillaco Volcano is the second highest mountain in the Americas so Dr. Johann Reinhard, who led the expedition to its summit, had a pretty good hunch that there was something up there. The expedition and subsequent discovery of […]

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The Mountain of Seven Colours

The mountain of seven colours is the the kaleidoscopic backdrop to the town of Purmamarca, Jujuy province. The town is built out of locally made adobe bricks giving it the curious appearance of fading into the base of the hills. In fact, during siesta time, it is so quiet it might as well be part […]

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