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Climbing a Giant; Remembering Aconcagua

The tallest peak outside the Himalayas presented itself as an obvious challenge to a novice mountaineer like myself in 2009.  A technically easy summit, Aconcagua is spiced with the dangers of extreme weather and altitude. At the time the mountain was under some notoriety as the month before it had claimed five lives. As I made final […]

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How to Pack a Mule to Cross the Andes in 9 Easy Steps

A short series of photos detailing the process of how to pack your mule, just in case you find yourself having to cross the Andes by foot or by horse.    

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Polo in Patagonia

Polo in the provinces

The centre of Argentine Polo is very much Buenos Aires province, in particular Pilar, and for those looking to improve their game or take themselves from having no idea to being competent, Buenos Aires is the only choice. However, though in reality Polo is not much more accessible in Argentina than it is anywhere else in the […]

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Lujan de Cuyo & Valle de Uco

Wine is grown in Argentina all along the bottom of the Andes; from Salta, in the northwest, to as far down as Rio Negro in the Argentine Patagonia. However, the vast majority is grown in the western province of Mendoza. Lujan de Cuyo & the Uco Valley are two of Mendoza’s four wine regions and […]

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Las Leñas

The village of Las Leñas is set 2,240 m (7,350 feet) up in the Andes of Mendoza. It is one of the best and largest ski resorts in the southern hemisphere with a ski area as large as Vail and Snowbird combined and a total drop of 1,200 m (3,937 ft). The village was specifically built around skiing: […]

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Holiday in argentina

Mount Aconcagua

At 6,9960.80 meters, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas and one of the seven summits. It lies in the province of Mendoza and the mountain and it’s surroundings are made even more spectacular as there are no foothills, known as Precordillera. This makes the Andes seem like a vast wall and allows for very pretty […]

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La Vendimia

The Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia is one of Argentina’s most important and largest festivals. It originally marks the end of the grape harvest and it is a month long crescendo of colour and festivities. It starts with the Archbishop of Mendoza quietly sprinkling holy water on the year’s first grapes. It then slowly builds […]

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