Las Hijas is a beautiful 10,000 hectare estancia in Tierra del Fuego, the southern most province of Argentina. The estancia is situated besides the vast Fagnano Lake near the village of Tolhuin, roughly half way between the two major towns of the province: Ushuaia and Rio Grande. Carol and Richard Daniels are the owners of the ranch; along with their sons, Esteban and Patricio, they are also the hosts of the Estancia.


Tierra del Fuego & Antarctica

Ideal time to visit

November to March

Programs in the region


  • Children of all ages welcome.
  • Due to distances, special food requests must be noted well in advance.

Accommodation & Activities

The accommodation on the Estancia is simple and rustic, though it is also as warm and charming as the family who own the Estancia. There are several dormitory style rooms, with shared bathrooms, accommodating up to 14 guests.

The main activity of the estancia is working with the gauchos, looking after the herds of sheep and cattle, either out on the farm, on horseback with sheep dogs, or in the corrals.

Estancia Tierra del Fuego

Working with the sheep in the corrals.

The estancia has a line of horses specially for guests and there are several rides you can do around the farm.

Estancia tierra del fuego

Two of the Estancia’s horses.

You can also fish along the stream that weaves it wave through the farm –  a perfect place for beginner fisherman.

Estancia Tierra del Fuego

The small stream that winds its way down the farm to Lake Fagnano.

Then, introducing the beaver to Tierra del Fuego (like most human interventions) was not the best of ideas though, nevertheless, it is fascinating to go and see their dams and if you are lucky see the beavers working on them.

Estancia Tierra del Fuego

One of the beaver dams on the Estancia.

As well as beavers there is a variety of other wildlife on the Estancia including the Guanaco, a cousin of the llama.

Also, within a few kilometres of the Estancia is one of the last ceremonial huts of the Selk’nams, the indigenous tribe of Tierra del Fuego now unfortunately extinct.