Pampa Grande is a 30,000-hectare Estancia in Salta province, northwest Argentina. It is a beautiful farm surrounded by sub-Andean hills and home to a large mixed herd of cattle, mainly consisting of Red Angus. The farm is centred around a large Spanish colonial house and a small village of a 150 inhabitants; 50 of which are gauchos for the Estancia who work in much the same way as they have done for over a hundred years. Nicolas Uriburu is the very jolly host and the recently renovated main house is exceptionally comfortable with a kitchen that provides a seemingly endless amount of delicious food and wine.


Salta & the Northwest

Ideal time to visit

March to December

Programs in the region


  • Children of all ages welcome.
  • Due to distances, special food requests must be noted well in advance.

Accommodation & Activities

The main house of the Estancia has eleven bedrooms and can accommodate up to 20 guests. Every room has an open fireplace.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

The front of the main house

There is dining room with the capacity to sit twenty-four guests, plus two sitting rooms  – one with a billiards table. Next to the house is a heated swimming pool with a pool house and a barbecue.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

The swimming pool at the back of the house

There is a herd of several hundred horses on Pampa Grande and around 150 are used by the gauhcos to work the estancia’s herd of cattle. The estancia can cater for all levels of horse rider.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

Herding the cattle down to the corrals.

It is also possible to spend a couple of days riding in the hills, using mules as pack animals, sleeping in tents under the stars.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

Camping in the hills

The Estancia is home to two colonies of Condor as well as a variety of other species and was once the site of an indigenous community, many of the remains of which you can see today.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

One of the Estancia’s many Condors.

As well as horse riding you can: go bicycling round the farm, hike in the hills, take lessons of local dances and, during the summer months, swim in the 50 acre lake beside the main house.

Estancia in Salta - Estancia Pampa Grande

Hiking in the hills