Loreto is an Estancia situated on the Peninsula Valdes, the world’s middle seat front row view for marine fauna observation. In 1999 the area was declared a world heritage site as so many of its species are endangered and the whole of the Peninsula is a national park. It is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise with innumerable animals of a multitude of species passing by its shores each year – including over a thousand Southern Right Whales – and Loreto is an exceptionally peacful and comfortable place to experience the area.


The Whales of Peninsula Valdes

Ideal time to visit

September to March

Programs in the region


  • Min. group number: 4
  • Min stay: 3 nights

Accommodation & Activities

Loreto is an Estancia in Peninsula Valdes National Park. It is primarily a sheep farm and its land is mainly made up of low scrubland, bordered on one side by the Atlantic ocean.

Estancia peninsula valdes

Sunset on Loreto’s private beach.

The house has been recently renovated and is simple, rustic and very comfortable.

Estancia peninsula valdes

The main house of Estancia Loreto.

The hosts of Loreto are Alejandro, the son of the owner of another Estancia on Peninsula Valdes, and his friends Ernesto, a wonderful photographer and Luciano, an equally wonderful chef. They are charming cheerful hosts and together they have an unparalleled knowledge of the Peninsula. The Peninsula’s main attraction is the wildlife, not just it’s famous whales…

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

The tail of a southern right whale

…it also large resident colonies of sea lions,

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Female sea lions.

…elephant seals,

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Elephant seals sunbathing on the beach near Loreto.

…and a huge abundance of birdlife, including several species of Penguins.

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Magellanic Penguins.

Then as well as the Southern Right whales passing by its shores there also…

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Whale watching off the coast of the Valdes Peninsula.


Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Snorkeling with dolphins

…and Orcas.

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Orcas off the coast of Peninsula Valdes

Then, inland you have: Guanacos,

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Guanacos (mini-llamas) passing the through Loreto.

…Patagonian hare and armadillo amongst many others.

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Armadillo near the house of Loreto.

Alejandro is good friends and constantly in contact with the park rangers; this, along with his local knowledge and ability to get to parts of the Peninsula where no one else is allowed, gives you a unique view of the wildlife of Valdes. There are all sorts of ways to get about the farm and the Peninsula, whether by vehicle or by horse (the beaches of Valdes are an excellent place to let a horse stretch out and have a good gallop),

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Cantering down to the beach.

…or by foot…

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Hiking along the beach.

…. or by bicycle or kayaking…

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Kayaking off the coast of the Valdes Peninsula.

…or even by plane…

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Whale watching by air.

All of these can be done as a way of seeing the the wildlife or simply for their own enjoyment. We can also organise yoga on the beach, scuba-diving and snorkelling – one of our favourite activities is snorkelling with sea lions. Then after all the daytime exertions, and especially after one of Luciano’s fantastic suppers, you’ll probably just want to head straight to bed but there also the options to go into the buzzing local village of Puerto Piramides or if you need help unwinding we can organise massages at the estancia.

Estancia Peninsula Valdes

Sea fishing near Puerto Piramides.