Nibepo Aike is an estancia that retains the essence of the original Patagonian estancias. It is located within Los Glaciares National Park on the banks of the Southern Arm of Lago Argentino. Covering an area of more than 12,000 hectares, it stretches as far as the border with Chile. The estancia was formerly devoted to sheep production though its chief output today is breeding Hereford cattle, for which it has developed a prestigious herd.


The Glaciers National Park

Ideal time to visit

November to April

Programs in the region


  • Children of all ages welcome.

Accommodation & Activities

The Estancia’s main house has a total of 10 rooms (8 Standard and 2 Superior), capacity of 23 guests and the buildings are a relic of the uniform style typical of Patagonian pioneer architecture.

Estancias in Argentina

The main house is a typical Patagonia Estancia style.

Guests experience the authentic life of Patagonian estancias…

Estancia patagonia

Sorting out the cattle.

… with a magnificent view of the Andes mountain range ever-present.

Estancia patagonia

Riding up into the hills.

It is common to see the men riding past, herding the cattle and sheep, and disappearing over the horizon.

Estancia patagonia

Rounding up the Estancia’s cattle.

And, behind the house is the vegetable garden which provides most of the fresh produce consumed on the estancia.

Estancia patagonia

The Estancia’s vegetable garden.

The estancia’s main building has been renovated to offer guests maximum comfort and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere while still preserving the original characteristics.

Estancia patagonia

One of the rooms at the Estancia’s main house.

The main activity of the estancia is working with the gauchos, whether herding the sheep…

Estancia patagonia

Getting the sheep down off the hills.

…or cattle out on the farm.

Estancia patagonia

Cattle roundup.

Or working with the stock in the corrals..

Estancia patagonia

Working in the corrals.

or looking after the estancia’s horses.

Estancia patagonia

Catching the horses.

There also some fabulous rides round the estancia, including a ride to a mountain refuge beside one of the lakes…

Estancia patagonia

The Lakeside refuge

And there is also some excellent trekking…

Estancia patagonia

Trekking in the hills above the estancia.

…and, though wildlife is scarce in Patagonia, because of the national park and the care the owners of Nibepo Aike have taken, the Estancia is an excellent place to see it. While staying at the Estancia you are likely to see Guanacos,

Estancia patagonia

A Guanaco, a cousin of the Llama.

… foxes, hares….

Estancia patagonia

The Patagonian Fox.

…as well as a variety of bird life including the emperor of the Andes, the Condor.

Estancia patagonia

The Andean Condor