An Estancia in Mendoza that is situated up  a long winding stone track, nestled beside a stream in amongst the towering Andes. It is an old estancia though the house has recently been rebuilt and it is exceptionally comfortable, matching perfectly the wonderful hospitality of the Boehler de Palma family – Analicia’s cooking, in particular, is fantastic.


The Vineyards of Mendoza

Ideal time to visit

October to May

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Accommodation & Activities

Rancho’s six large spacious rooms have been lovingly decorated and being located over 2,000 meters above sea level means they have an un paralleled view of the Andes mountains.

Estancia in Mendoza

One of the Rancho’s two lodges.

One of the best parts of Rancho is the fantastic cooking, they have perfected Argentine country cuisine and it is all served with delicious wines from Mendoza’s lowlands.

Estancia in Mendoza

The famous Argentine Asado (barbecue)

Rancho’s three thousand hectares are hidden up a long winding stone track, high up in the Andes, it is a perfect place to simply put your feet up soak in the tranquility of the mountains. However, it’s location also means it has excellent hiking…

Estancia in Mendoza

Hiking on Estancia Rancho é Cuero

And horse riding right on its door step.

Estancia in Mendoza

Horse riding on Estancia Rancho é Cuero

There also options for photography and wildlife safaris – where you’ll likely see Guanacos (mini-llams), Red dear, Condors amongst other.

Estancia in Mendoza

Red deer Stag.

And for those who prefer four wheels you can explore the farm in 4×4 truck.

Estancia in Mendoza

4×4 excursions into the Andes.

And there is also fishing in the fast moving streams that casacda down the mountaisde.

Estancia in Mendoza

Fishing in the river that flows through the estancia.