Ñorquin el Morado is an Estancia in Neuquen, northern Argentine Patagonia. It is a 22,000-hectare cattle ranch, situated on the edge of Copahue-Caviahue provincial park, and the gauchos work the cattle in much the same way as they have done since the boundaries of the Estancia were first staked out. To the south the estancia is bordered by the Agrio river, home to a 50 meter waterfall and to the west the land disappears up into the Andes.


The Patagonian Lake District

Ideal time to visit

September to March

Programs in the region


  • Min. stay: 5 days
  • Min. group number: 4

Accommodation & Activities

Ñorquin’s cozy guest house lies below a low red hill that gives the Estancia its name. And though it can only cater for small groups it can be used as a starting point for hiking and horse riding trips up round the farm.

Estancia in Neuquen

The guest house built by Martín, son of the owners of Ñorquin.

The Estancia is home to some fabulous natural features. Most impressive of them is the Agrio waterfall. It cascades into a deep crater which you can clamber down into and swim in the large pool below.

Estancia in Neuquen

Photo from the base of the Agrio waterfall.

Then along the the same river there are smaller waterfalls which you can jump off…

Estancia in Neuquen

Jumping into the Agrio river.

…and further on again, climbing up into the Andes, there are hot springs at 2,500 meters above sea level.

Estancia in Neuquen

Sharing a few glasses of whisky in the hot springs  before bedtime.

It is also possible to fish for trout along the river…

Estancia in Neuquen

Fishing along the river Agrio.

And there is some fantastic hiking….

Estancia in Neuquen

Hiking along side a canyon that borders the estancia.

…and horse riding on the Estancia.The best way to explore is to pack your stuff in a backpack or on the back of a mule and go camping up in the mountains…

Estancia in Neuquen

Heading off for a camping ride in the hills.

….eating round camp fires at night with the wonderfully clear Patagonian sky above you.

Estancia in Neuquen

Lamb cooking over an open fire.

Of course, the main activity of the Estancia is looking after the cattle and spending some time helping the gauchos is a great way to spend a few days.

Estancia in neuquen

Rounding up cattle in the Andes.

Also in the area, the local people make many of their own bed spreads, rugs, ponchos and even saddle bags using a primitive loom made out of four posts hammered into the ground. Visiting these weavers and seeing them work is a fascinating way to pass an afternoon.

Estancia in neuquen

A close up of a hand woven gaucho saddle bag.