La Constancia, an Estancia in Cordoba, is set high up in the sierras looking out at the dry Pampas that stretch as far as the eye can see. After a long bumpy road you reach the Estancia’s main house, hidden in a beautiful garden. As you walk in you can almost feel your worries drop off and the hustle bustle of the outside world become a distant memory. The Estancia is a perfect place to simply collapse and relax though there are some fantastic rides and walks also on offer, including a hair-raising ride to the highest peak of the sierras, Champaqui, and a stunning walk up a series of waterfalls.


The Sierras of Cordoba

Ideal time to visit

September to May

Programs in the region


  • No children under the age of 12.

Accommodation & Activities

The Estancia has been in the Dorado family for over a hundred years. It was painstakingly restored by the parent’s of the current generation. Their two sons, Agustín & Luis, and their familes now run the Estancia. They have a hands on approach and staying at La Constancia very much feels like you are staying with old friends. The main house has ten comfortable rooms with a large dining and sitting rooms.

Estancia in Cordoba

The main house at night.

Both Agustín and Luis are excellent cooks and they are experts in traditional Argentine cooking.

Estancia in Cordoba

Cooking using ‘El Disco’

The house and garden were designed by Augstín and Luis’ mother and they make an oasis of colour in amongst the muted tones of the sierras.

Estancia in Cordoba

The colourful garden of the estancia.

Near the house is a small church, a games room with a pool table and best of all: the San Javier river runs along side the garden and the family have built a mini dam creating a very refreshing, spotlessly clean, chlorine free swimming pool.

Estancia in Cordoba

Sun loungers besides the natural swimming pool.

The Estancia is a lovely place to simply relax, eat well and let the worries of home disappear though it also has some excellet trekking….

Estancia in Cordoba

HIking to a nearby waterfall.

…and fantastic horse riding in the surrounding hills.

Estancia in Cordoba

Riding in the sierras that rise up behind the Estancia’s main house.

The source of the San Javier river is on the Estancia so it is also possible to fish (for rainbow trout) in the rock pools that the river forms as it crashes down the hill side.

Estancia in Cordoba

Fly-fishing on the River San Javier.