A stunning Estancia in Buenos Aires province, Las Viboras is a 9,000 hectare cattle ranch made up of Pampas, woodland and wetlands. The farm is the perfect example of an Argentine Estancia and is also the home to an abundance of wildlife including the rare Pampas Deer. Viboras is owned and run by the lovely sisters Guiga and Sandy who have resisted the advances of modern farming and kept the ranch in much the same way it has always been.


Buenos Aires & the Pampas

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September to November | March to May

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Las Viboras is situated three hours south of Buenos Aires along the coast. The main house is built in the simple style of region and dates back to 1820. Despite the building’s age the spacious, comfy rooms have been perfectly maintained.

Estancia in Buenos Aires

A view from the back of the main house.

The house has a big living room, a games room with a pool table and outside the house is a lovely swimming pool.

Estancia in Buenos Aires

Swimming pool that lies a few meters from the house.

The farm is first and foremeost a cattle ranch and the gauchos work in much the same way they always have done. Like any farm it is impossible to predict what they will be doing on any given day. They could be riding out round the farm checking or herding cattle and sheep…

Estancia in Buenos Aires

Crossing the River Viboras.

…or working in the corrals – either with the cattle or training the young horses.

Estancia in Buenos Aires

Working with the gauchos in the corrals.

And if you tire of riding there are options of carriage rides…

Estancia in Buenos Aires

One of Las Viboras’ three carriage that date back to the 1920’s.

…as well as canoing along the river which is also an excellent way to see the local wildlife…

Estancia in Buenos Aires

Canoeing in Las Viboras River.

…such as the rare Pampas deer, wild pigs, Capybara’s (like giant hamsters) and over 80 species of birds inlcuding the Greater Rhea.

Estancia in Buenos Aires

The Pampas Deer