Commerson's Dolphin


Argentina is fortunate to have several species of Dolphins that live along or pass by its shores each year though by far the most eye-catching is Commerson’s Dolphin, known locally as Toninas, that live around the southern tip of Patagonia. Only growing up to 1.5 m they are one of the world’s smallest dolphins and with their distinctive black and white markings they are spectacularly pretty. They are also very curious and they’ll almost always come and say hello – and even do a little acrobatic show – for any boat that stops to look at them.
These little dolphins can be seen all along the Patagonian coast though the best place is the little known port of San Julien in Santa Cruz province, not the easiest place to get to but that does give it the advantage of being very quiet, perfect for marine wildlife safaris.
Commerson's Dolphin

Commerson’s Dolphin following the boat


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