Tango lesson Buenos Aires

Afternoon Tango lesson

George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote ‘dance is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire’ never rang so true as with Tango, though you might not find yourself dancing the ‘three-minute love affair’ on your first lesson. Even Tango’s basic steps, often described as walking, are deceptively tricky. Nevertheless, anyone with even a passing interest in the dance would be silly to say no to Tango lessons in Buenos Aires. The city did not just create Tango, the music is the soundtrack to the city’s history and the dance a mirror to its society – also, if you’re planing to visit a Milonga it is nice to have someone explain the local etiquette.
And, if you’re not into all that machismo and tradition despite being the bastion of traditional Tango Buenos Aires has embraced the world’s newest form of dance: Queer Tango (where you you can choose your role irrelevant of gender or swap or change as you wish) and there are several Milongas and classes round the city.
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Queer Tango lesson