Polo school, Buenos Aires

Marcelo, the instructor at El Rincon Polo School, with a young student

Argentina has long been the undisputed king of polo. The large Estancias (farms) in the Pampas that surround Buenos Aires city are the main reason why. The Pampas are a vast swathe of flat grasslands ideal, not just for polo pitches, but also for breeding polo ponies. From a young age the sons and daughters of the land owners have lots of horses and perhaps more importantly the luxury of long summers filled with long days perfect for practicing in. This combined with the easy going attitude of most of the people who live in the Pampas creates the ideal conditions to learn Polo.
Many of these Estancias have now opened their gates to offer these perfect conditions to guests and they are without doubt some of the best places in the world to learn to play polo or spend a week honing your game. There are a range of polo schools in Buenos Ares province; from the very grand, where you’ll play alongside famous polo players, to smaller more intimate operations where you eat with the family – one of which is often your instructor. As well as farms where you can stay a week or two there are schools, close to Buenos Aires city, where you can spend just a day having a go at the sport. All of the schools generally follow the same format: a lesson in the morning and playing a game in the afternoon.
Polo school, Buenos Aires

The main house and pitches of Estancia Puesto Viejo Polo CLub