Milonga Buenos Aires

Milonga Parakultural

Tango is far from just some bit of cultural heritage that Argentines drag out for tourists or when they’re feeling nostalgic. It is a huge part of many Porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) lives and there are innumerable Milongas – essentially anywhere people meet to dance Tango – in the city. To see a professionally choreographed Tango show is lovely and a box well worth ticking though Tango is, like most dances, not naturally choreographed and to see it at its purest, improvised form you must visit a Milonga. There are all types of Milongas; most are a mix of young, old experienced and novice dancers. However, all Milongas share one characteristic: whether you are at La Viruta or Parakutural – famous Milongas frequented by Tango’s famous names – or one of the hundreds of tiny Milongas held outside or at community centers everyone attending is very serious about learning or improving their Tango.
Milonga Buenos Aires

The free Milonga, La Glorieta


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