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The building is inspired by a jagged piece of Glacier

In today’s at-the-click-of-a-button world, museums have a tough time. You’d imagine a museum about ice would be an up hill struggle. However, the Glaciarium (Museum of Patagonian Ice) is surprisingly fascinating. Its location is a good start: 15 mins outside of the small Patagonian town El Calafate on the road to the world famous Glaciers national park. The building, inspired by its subject, resembles a large chunk of glacier and has an impressive view of the immense Lake Argentino. Inside you are taken through a series of beautifully designed exhibitions, presented in a variety of multimedia. They recount the story of the Patagonian ice-fields and the early explorers and scientists. It then widens the lens to encompass glaciers worldwide and the history of the planet, ending with a powerful exhibition on the effects of global warming.
The Glaciarium, Calafate

The interior of museum by the renowned Argentine designer Hector Barra

Following all this learning you can quench your thirst in the basement bar, made entirely out of ice – even the glasses.
holiday in argentina

The Glaciobar


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