vacation in argentina

Perito Moreno from the southern arm of  Lake Argentino

Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the cherries of Argentina’s vast, varied and beautiful scenery. It is an immense 30 km long river of ice, stretching down from Andes and cutting Lake Argentino in two at its end. It is 5 kms wide and above the surface of the lake it has an average height of 74 meters – with over 100 meters more below the surface.
vacation in argentina

Perito Moreno from the air

Perito is one of 48 glaciers that make up the Patagonian ice fields and, unlike most of the world’s glaciers, it is growing (about 2 meters a day) – confusing glaciologists who remain in debate as to the reasons why. The glacier lies in Santa Cruz province, just above the Strait of Magellan, and it is one of those highlights of nature you can simply stand and stare at in awe. Even so, it is surrounded by a wild countryside of stunning panoramic views with some excellent options of boating, riding and hiking to explore the glaciers. In the case of hiking you can even strap on some crampons and actually walk over the glacier.