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Climbing to the summit

At 6,9960.80 meters, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas and one of the seven summits. It lies in the province of Mendoza and the mountain and it’s surroundings are made even more spectacular as there are no foothills, known as Precordillera. This makes the Andes seem like a vast wall and allows for very pretty photos with Mendoza’s famous vineyards in the foreground.
Holiday in Argentina

Mendoza’s famous vineyards

For climbers looking to tackle a high mountain, Aconcagua is an excellent starting point. It is occasionally known as the every-man’s Everest and though the pressure can be problematic, you do not generally need oxygen and, at least if you going up the northern slope, you do not need ropes, axes or pins.
The mountain was not climbed by a European until the end of the 1800’s though it was likely the Incas had been up there when Argentina was still part of Terra Incognita and Colombus was just wistfully looking at apples; A guanaco (like a mini-llama) skeleton was found on the summit and, though Guanacos are a excellent climbers, considering the Incas were partial to sacrificing them, the consensus is the Guanaco wasn’t up there for the view.
Holiday in argentina

Spot the Guanaco!