Holiday in Argentina

The cellar of Bodega Salentein, built by one Argentina’s most famous architects

Wine is grown in Argentina all along the bottom of the Andes; from Salta, in the northwest, to as far down as Rio Negro in the Argentine Patagonia. However, the vast majority is grown in the western province of Mendoza. Lujan de Cuyo & the Uco Valley are two of Mendoza’s four wine regions and the home of Argentina’s best known wineries. Both regions are spectacularly pretty; with Poplar, Cyprus and willow tress lining the roads, the vines dramatically changing colour throughout the year and the Andes as a magnificent backdrop.
Holiday in Argentina

Vineyards in the Uco valley. The roses are planted on the end as the black spots on their leaves are an early warning of disease – they also look very pretty.

There are two main types of wineries: small family run wineries, generally owned by northern Italian descendents, who have played a huge part in building Argentina’s wine industry. Then in recent years the region has attracted big investors from Europe and the United States, who have built large modern wineries – though almost always with a careful eye to style and making sure everything fits in with the surrounding countryside.
Many of both types of wineries are open to the public and also have some of Argentina’s best restaurants and hotels.
Holiday in Argentina

Club Tapiz: Winery, Hotel & one of Mendoza’s best restaurants