vacation in argentina

Fly-Fishing in front of Lanín Volcano

Junín de los Andes is a small nondescript town. If you were driving south, down along the Andes, you would probably rush through without so much as a second glance. And yet, from the town you can reach the Chimehuin, Malleo, lower Alumine, Collon Cura, Quilquihue, and Curruhue Rivers. Then within a short drive away flows the Quillen, upper Alumine, Norquinco, Caleufu, Meliquina and Filo Hua Hum Rivers. In the words of William C. Leitch:
“It is safe to say that several hundred miles of trout streams in which flourish several thousand tons of fish lie within a fifty-mile radius of this serene village (Junin), quite possibly the site of the densest concentration of exquisite trout habitat in the world.” A Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Patagonia.
The town, though perhaps not the prettiest itself, is on the edge of the Lanín National Park and the surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning with some fantastic hiking and riding options.
vacation in argentina

Fly-fishing on the Chimehuin river