holiday in argentina

A panoramic view of Cerro Castor

The best thing about Cerro Castor is the snow; being the southern most ski resort in the world, it has a long season and loads of the white stuff. The resort lies at the southern tip of the Andes, where the mountains meet the ocean, and though the lift services still have a way to go there is some excellent back-country skiing for the more adventurous skiers who don’t mind walking – and you know you can’t be too far wrong when it is the number one choice for summer training grounds for many of the northern hemisphere’s Olympic teams. Also, as the resort is still quite young, it is ideal for the skier who is looking for something a little more exclusive. And being not too high up and close to a big town means there are a variety of other activities you can get up.
Holiday in Argentina

Eddie Hicks of the Canadian Olympic team, training in Cerro Castor