holiday in argentina

Sea lions on the coast of the Argentine Antarctica

Like most Antarctic territories Argentine Antarctica is currently only a claim – parts of which are disputed by other countries. For now all claims and disputes have been put on hold by the Antarctic treaty but with over 200 people living in six different bases all year round on the territory Argentina seems pretty confident on what belongs to who!
The Argentine slice covers much of the Antarctic Peninsula, the most accessible – and reasonably priced – part of the white continent. The region is also rich with polar history. To get to there you need to cross Drake’s Passage, named after Sir Francis Drake for when he was searching for Spanish Galleons to rob, one of his ships was blown South from the Strait of Magellan to the Cape Horn and so was likely the first ship to enter the waters. Then, just before you get to the Peninsula you pass Elephant Island, the island that Ernest Shackleton was forced to take refuge on after his ship, Endurance, became stuck and eventually crushed in an ice-field. It was from Elephant Island Shackleton set off on his famous rescue mission; sailing 800 miles in an open topped lifeboat in search of help.
holiday in argentina

Penguins on Elephant island

Though much depends on the time of year, the Argentine Antarctica is also blessed with an abundance of wildlife, including: Leopard & Elephant seals, Humpback whales, Adelie, Chinstrap, Gentoo and King penguins as well as the legendary Albatross.
holiday in argentina

A Humpback whale