The bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands is some of the best in Argentina. The Iberá Natural Reserve is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in South America. It is the largest protected area in Argentina, with 1.3 million hectares hosting more than 350 bird species.

Nestled in the northeastern portion of the Iberá Wetlands, Puerto Valle is an extremely convenient gateway to the reserve. The Estancia has been declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birds Argentina, and its premium location gives guests an opportunity to visit lagoons, floating soil formations or embalsados, tall grass patches, Yatay palm groves, and secluded areas of the Paranaense forest.

This four-day excursion, guided by an ornithologist, will take visitors around major portions of the northeast end of the reserve.



The Ibera wetlands

Min / Max group size

1 / 10

When to travel

October & November or March & April

Number of days

4 days / 4 nights


Day 1

Puerto Valle is an excellent base for bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands. The land on which the Estancia stands reaches inside the marshlands. Hiking on the trails or taking a boat to reach Laguna Valle are two of the best ways to watch a large number of species, including the extraordinary black-masked finch (Coryphaspiza melanotis) that is so hard to find in the world, the streamer-tailed tyrant (Gubernetes Yetapa) and strange-tailed tyrant (Alectrurus risora). Additionally, on the wood fringes, one can find the sickle-wind nightjar (Eleothreptus anomalus), the black-and-white monjita (Heteroxolmis dominicana), and the bearded tachuri (Polystictus pectoralis).

Night at Estancia Puerto Valle

Bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands

Boating into the wetlands

Day 2

The Cambyretá Portal is one of the public access points to a scenic route that reaches inside the reserve. Leaving behind fields, tall grasses and marshes, the road takes visitors to the Park Ranger post after riding several kilometers.

Along the way, visitors can watch a wide range of birds, including the ochre-breasted pipit (Anthus nattereri), the sharp-tailed tyrant (Culicivora caudacuta), and the yellow robin (Xanthopsar flavus).

Night at Estancia Puerto Valle

Bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands

Streamer-tailed tyrant

Day 3

Facing the hotel, the tall grasses give way to the Paranaense forest, which shelters a rich biodiversity. The area hosts from fifty-five to seventy-one tree species per hectare, turning this ecosystem into an excellent vantage point for watching birds, such as the black woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos), the black-tailed tityra (Tityra cayana), and the burnished-buff tanager (Tangara cayana), among other species.

Night at Estancia Puerto Valle

Bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands

Looking out across the Paraná river

Day 4

Galarza & Luna, two lagoons in the heart of the Iberá wetlands, are 60 km away from the Estancia. This remote location is accessible by dirt road. The trip is ideal for watching a wide variety of birds, and even a wider variety will come into view as visitors get closer to the waters of Galarza Lagoon. The ornithological importance of the area is evidenced by the sporophila genus, particularly, the marsh seedeater (Sporophila palustris), occasionally accompanied by the white-collared seedeater (Sporophila zelichi).

Night at Estancia Puerto Valle

Bird-watching in the Ibera wetlands

Sunset on the wetlands

Day 5


End of trip


  • Price includes –  All food & beverages (excluding alcoholic drinks). All activities mentioned in the itinerary.  All tax.
  • Price does not include  – International flights to Argentina. Transport to Puerto Valle. Personal medical insurance (compulsory). Any visa fees and extras such as tips, laundry etc.

Prices are quoted in US dollars. 


  • This trip, or a version of it, can be combined with any number of excellent birdwatching locations, nearby you have both the famous Iguazu waterfalls reservation as well as it’s lesser known little cousin the Yabotí Biosphere, home to the natural phenomena that is the Maconá waterfall. Then further afield you have Argentina’s only fully tropical reservation, Baritú in the northwestern province of Salta.

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